The entertainment world is still reeling from news that actor Johnny Lewis fell to his death this week after killing his landlady and dismembering her cat. The ‘Sons of Anarchy’ star went through the Church of Scientology drug program in 2004 – a photograph of the star was posted on the program’s website until Thursday, when it was removed.

According to the New York Daily News, Lewis’ parents are active members of the controversial church and his father co-wrote a movie with founder L. Ron Hubbard. Though a popular cast-member of ‘Sons of Anarchy’, the actor’s life “steadily unraveled” over the past ten months as he struggled with drug addiction and mental health issues, according to court documents. A former boyfriend of pop superstar Katy Perry, Lewis was arrested three times this year and was only five days out of prison before his bizarre rampage in Los Angeles on Wednesday, which left 81-year-old Catherine Davis dead. Investigators are looking into the possibility that Lewis had been on a new synthetic drug called ‘Smiles.’

Singer Perry is yet to comment on Lewis’ death, though Hollywood actress Nikki Reed told E! Online, “It's horrible and shocking news. He was the nicest guy…I never thought anything but great things about him. I have nothing to say except that he was a really nice guy. It's just crazy.”