Johnny Knoxville has been accused of engaging in a relationship with Jessica Simpson, when the 'Jackass' star took a live lie-detector test while on-air for a radio interview on 3rd August 2005. Despite both the Simpson and Knoxville being married to other people, it has been rumoured for a long time that they had a relationship during filming for 'The Dukes of Hazzard'.

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Knoxville was amazed by his arrival on Howard Stern's radio interview, when he was asked to take a lie detector test, with questions suddenly including whether or not he had sex with Simpson, before being asked if they had ever kissed, and finally if he had ever thought about her while he was "pleasuring himself".

The MTV star answered negative to all of the questions, however the polygraph indicated that, while he did not sleep with the singer, he had in fact kissed her and thought about her while pleasuring himself. Knoxville concluded, however, that: "I don't put any faith in that test."

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Without wanting to think there was any bad-blood left over from the debacle, Knoxville's representative announced that: "The lie detector test was all in good fun. Johnny thought it was hilarious."