Johnny Knoxville is being sued for allegedly causing emotional distress to a repair man.

A lawsuit obtained by TMZ states the incident happened during a prank gone wrong.

Khalil Khan, who works for the freelance handyman app Taskrabbit, claims in the documents he was hired to repair an electric dimmer switch on an actor’s home.

When he started work, a lamp went out and a 10-year-old girl, thought to be an actress, reportedly accused him of killing her pony as it was on life support and the power had been cut.

There was reportedly an actual pony in another room but it is unclear if it was dead or alive.

Khalil also claims in the papers his car was going to be towed, and so when he became alarmed by the whole ordeal and tried to call police, a man allegedly told him he would get in trouble for alerting officers as there was cocaine in the vehicle.

The alleged victim is also said to have claimed a bag containing white powder was revealed.

Khalil is reportedly accusing Johnny, 51, of being the one who disclosed to him he was being pranked and allegedly offered him money for his participation.

His lawsuit is seeking compensation for emotional distress, worry, anxiety, and possible harm to his business reputation.

Page Six stated Johnny’s representatives did not return their approach for comment.

Johnny was recently at the centre of a separate lawsuit – which was settled in April – with one of his co-stars, Bam Margera, 43, for allegedly forcing him to enter into a wellness agreement or be fired from their ‘Jackass Forever’ film.