Review of Feels Like Summer Single by Johnny Foreigner

Review of Johnny Foreigner's single Feels Like Summer released through Best Before.

Johnny Foreigner Feels Like Summer Single

Despite having countless platitudes thrown their way since 2007's 'Arcs Across The City' mini-album heralded their arrival, Johnny Foreigner have always left this critic feeling, well.a little empty.

While its hard not to marvel at their boundless enthusiasm and relentless spurts of energy, there is something quite déjà vu about the whole experience both in the flesh and on record, and more importantly those doubts subside with the notion that these past performers have done this kind of thing so much better.

Alright, so there'll always be an outlet for fizzy pop played at 100mph on guitars, and with 'Feels Like Summer' clocking in at just under two minutes, there is little time for anyone to get bored, but maybe that's one of the main problems here? You see, in these times of deft musicianship and ambitious song structures Johnny Foreigner leave us pining for that little bit extra, that underlying depth of substance that at least demonstrates they've more than just the Idlewild and City Slang back catalogues in their armoury.

Saying all of that, 'Feels Like Summer' is pretty much what we've come to expect from JoFo, as they're affectionately known, and while its unlikely to endear them to a whole new fanbase, will at least be delightful music to the ears of their many devotees.

Dom Gourlay

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