Is Johnny Depp back on top form with Trancscendence? So far all we have to go on is the trailer, but at least he’s back in the type of strange and unexpected role he’d built a career on before his recent bout of below-average flicks.

Johnny Depp
There may be hope for Depp's career yet.

The trailers (Warner Bros. released a set of two short teasers yesterday) have a slight 90s feel to them, in that “artificial intelligence is out to rule the human race, now here are some lines of binary flowing across the screen,” but who doesn’t love a bit of 90s nostalgia anyway. We also got a better idea of the story with the full trailer, released yesterday.

And here it is, the full-length trailer.

The film centers on two computer scientists, who work towards a shared goal of Technical Singularity. Not everyone is keen on their research, however, and the scientists have to face a radical anti-technology organisation, fighting to prevent them from creating a world in which artificial intelligence can surpass the abilities of the human brain.


Johnny Depp stars as Will with Rebecca Hall as his wife and research partner Evelyn. In the trailer we get a glimpse of Will’s murder, after which Evelyn uploads his consciousness onto a computer. Things quickly go south and Bree (a member of the anti-tech group, played by Kate Mara) unites with Will’s former associates to stop his newly evil consciousness from conquering the world via the internet (presumably). The film’s release date has been set for April 18, 2014.

Kate Mara
Kate Mara plays Depp's anti-tech adversary.