We’re half way through 2014 and lets just say, it’s been a mixed bag at the cinema so far. Sure we’ve had some triumphs but we’ve also had a few that have left us leaving the theatre wishing we’d just stayed home and watched Netflix. While they might have taken our money, here’s the 10 movies which left leaving the cinema feeling the most disappointed so far this year.

The Other Woman The Other Woman didn't quite make us laugh enough

The Other Woman

“Is this the next Bridesmaids?” Some wondered. Sadly the answer was no. Packed with cheap laughs, The Other Woman failed to either empower or amuse most female movie goers. In the end, the talents of Cameron Diaz and Leslie Mann were throughly wasted here thanks to the film’s predictable and shallow script.


Johnny Depp is becoming a bit of a problem. We want so much to love everything he does, not because he’s Jack Sparrow, because he was once Edward Scissorhands and Ed Wood. But Transcendence proved another box office flop for Depp, his worst so far. The idea was there, the future’s battle with technology and its effects on humanity, but sadly the execution just wasn't good enough.

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I Frankenstein

The creators of Underworld take the Frankenstein’s monster character and pit him with gargoyles against demons. No it doesn't sound too great on paper and sadly it wasn't much on screen either.

Liam Neeson in Non stopLiam Neeson turned action hero in Non Stop


Liam Neeson as a bad ass action hero was exactly what we wanted it’s just Non-Stop didn't do too good a job at delivering it. The worst part was it's really not a bad film until it moves towards the end and things just got a little too ridiculous. In the end this one was really was deserving of a much safer landing.

300: Rise of an Empire

The sequel to 2007’s box office hit, 300, Rise of an Empire probably wasn't necessary in the first place. But this time director Noam Murro seemed to forsake real story telling in order to deliver lots of gory action. Yes 300 Rise of an Empire was so gory it made its predecessor look like a rom-com, an actually that’s not a good thing.


“Everything else is getting a reboot so why not RoboCop?” Appeared to be the thinking here. Problem was, director José Padilha didn't quite know how to execute it. Are we paying homage to the original RoboCop or trying to reinvent the franchise? No one was quite sure and it all made for a pretty disappointing attempt at a reboot.

Angelina Jolie in MaleficentAngelina Jolie as Maleficent


Maleficent wasn’t a bad movie by any stretch, but did it really live up to trailer? No not really. In the end Maleficent fell short of our expectations. Yes it looked amazing and Angelina was fantastic, but the script really didn't do justice to a character and a movie which could have been so much more awesome.

The Monuments Men

As far as actors turned directors go, George Clooney had a pretty good track record, that was until The Monuments Men. Despite a star studded cast, including Clooney himself, Matt Damon and Bill Murray, The Monuments Men was sadly just boring. All the ingredients were there, but sadly somewhere along the way Clooney decided to deliver an obsure history lesson rather than a movie. 

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Transformers: Age of Extinction

Where to start? Is it really accurate to say we were disappointed, after all we knew it was a Michael Bay film going in. But we had hoped maybe with the addition of Mark Wahlberg the franchise could be salvaged. Sadly all we got was another lengthly, special effects laden, predictable Michael Bay outing. Though we did get to see Dinobots.

The Amazing Spider-Man 2Andrew Garfield in The Amazing Spider-Man 2

The Amazing Spider-Man 2

We wanted this to be great, actually we wanted it to be amazing, but really it just wasn’t. Simply it just tried too hard to pack too much in. Special effects and villains galore, it was as if Marc Webb was trying whatever he could to overshadow Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone’s chemistry. On the plus side, the special effects were great and we did really enjoy Dane DeHaan.