The Super Bowl is an extremely hyped up event in itself, but it also provides an excellent chance for stars, filmmakers and studios to tease their upcoming projects for all of the US to see – just like Disney is doing with its attempt at a summer blockbuster with The Lone Ranger.

The studio premiered a 20-second teaser trailer of the Gore Verbinski production, featuring Johnny Depp, with the promise of more to come during the CBS pre-game show. The released spot reveals more of the glossy flick and its period atmosphere, featuring speading trains, riding vigilantes and a pretty cool backing track to pull it all together. Other than that, just like the first trailer, which was released at San Diego Comic-Con back in July, this one doesn’t really reveal much of the plot either. It centres around the advent of the railroad. In it we see Depp doning a frankly less than believable Native American accent and also features Helena Bonham Carter, but you should have been able to guess that at the mention of Depp and Verbinski.

Overall, everyone seems to be expecting Lone Ranger to be all style and no substance, but we wouldn’t rush to blow that horn just yet. At the very least, the leads are known for always going for the kooky, unusual characters. That’s always something to look forward to in your summer entertainment.

Watch the original trailer for Lone Ranger below and tune in tomorrow to catch the brand new spot.