Hollywood heart-throb Johnny Depp finds it "weird" filming love scenes with actresses young enough to be his daughters.

The Pirates Of The Caribbean: THE CURSE OF THE BLACK PEARL star felt especially odd when he acted out a sex scene with Christina Ricci - because he knew her when she was a tender eight years old.

But Johnny still refers to his Pirates co-star Orlando Bloom as "a lucky b******" - because he got to lock lips with young British beauty KEIRA KNIGHTLEY.

He says, "You know, it's a strange thing. I was kicking 40 and Keira was 17 at the time, so yeah, it was an odd feeling.

"But it was kind of like that on Sleepy Hollow as well, and THE MAN WHO CRIED with CHRISTINA RICCI who I'd met when she was eight.

"I mean, she was eight years old when I met her, so doing love scenes with her was really weird."

11/07/2003 13:28