Johnny Depp has never googled himself.

The 50-year-old actor claims he's ''pathetic'' at all things technology-related and stays away from the internet because he worries he might read an upsetting rumour about himself.

He told Tele 2 Semaines magazine: ''I've never googled myself and I never will! I would be too scared to discover lies and horrible things written about me.''

The newly-engaged star, who is set to tie the knot with his 'Rum Diary' co-star Amber Heard, also admits his children Lily-Rose, 14, and Jack, 11, roll their eyes at him whenever he attempts to help them with school projects.

He joked: ''I'm pathetic! You should ask my children! Before, they used to ask my help to do research on the computer - for a class project, for instance. These days, they've realised there's no point. The last time I asked if they wanted help, they told me, 'Go and play your guitar, dad!' ''

The 'Transcendence' hunk is an iPhone convert, however, even though he doesn't remember the name of his favourite application, Instagram.

Asked about his must-have app, he said: ''I've forgotten it's name. It allows you to retouch photos automatically.''

Probed as to whether his favourite subject is Amber, he replied:

''Among others, but Amber doesn't need any retouching! The photo is perfect every time.''