He might be one of the most famous actors in Hollywood, but there are plenty of crazy things few people - except his die-hard fans, of course - know about him. Here are just a few secrets about the 'Fantastic Beasts' star's life that you might find particularly interesting.

Johnny Depp at the 'Murder on the Orient Express' premiereJohnny Depp at the 'Murder on the Orient Express' premiere

1. He carries his Jack Sparrow costume around with him - This one is becoming a rather well-known fact, but if you didn't already know you'd be heartwarmed to learn that Johnny Depp has been dressing up as Captain Jack Sparrow from 'Pirates of the Caribbean' to make impromptu visits to children's hospitals ever since his daughter ended up in Great Ormond Street Hospital with an E. Coli infection.

2. He once dated Sherilyn Flynn - Johnny has had quite a handful of lovers and three wives in his life. After her split from his first wife Lori Anne Allison, he was briefly engaged to the glamorous 'Twin Peaks' actress, as well 'Dirty Dancing' star Jennifer Grey.

3. He played Donald Trump - With Alec Baldwin being the face of Donald Trump on 'Saturday Night Live', it's easy to forget that Johnny Depp portrayed the President in the Funny or Die satire film 'Donald Trump's The Art of the Deal: The Movie' in 2016. It was a hugely acclaimed portrayal too!

4. He doesn't like the way he looks - He might be considered one of the biggest heartthrobs in Hollywood, and indeed he's won Sexiest Man Alive twice, but he actually surprisingly has very little confidence in his looks. He previously said that he enjoys roles that require a big physical transformation because he can't stand the way he looks.

5. He once had a job as a mechanic - He had a job pumping gas at a gas station and ended up getting placed in the garage despite having no qualifications as a mechanic. Needless to say, after a botched job of changing tyres, he was fired pretty quickly. We can hardly blame him though. 

6. He speaks French - He picked up the language after being married to French singer and actress Vanessa Paradis between 1998 and 2012. They lives and raised their children in the country, and Depp allegedly wanted to learn to language to communicate with Vanessa's parents.

7. Nicolas Cage told him to pursue acting - Johnny and Nicolas have been close pals ever since the latter told the former to chase a career in acting. They met when Johnny's then-wife Lori introduced them, and he went on to break-out with a role in the show '21 Jump Street'. 

8. He played on Oasis song 'Fade In-Out' - Johnny Depp has never made a secret of his affinity for music, having dropped out of high school to pursue becoming a rockstar and now being in his own band, The Hollywood Vampires, but it's quite astounding how many bands he has actually musically collaborated with over the years.

9. He grew up in poverty - He once confessed that his family were so poor when he was a child, that his mother would be carefully counting nickels, pennies and dimes at the end of each night, and Christmas was always associated with bankruptcy. 

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10. He has never won an Oscar - It's not exactly difficult to uncover this kind of information, but most people would be tempted to assume that an actor of his calibre has easily won an Academy Award. In fact, despite being nominated for three - for 'Sweeney Todd', 'Finding Neverland' and 'Pirates of the Caribbean' - he has head to make his Oscars speech.