Johnny Depp calls on his old friend, the cartoonist Ralph Steadman, in Charlie Paul's documentary For No Good Reason. The movie premiered at TIFF last year and was acquired by Sony Classics before lying dormant for the best part of a year.

Johnny Depp Ralph SteadmanJohnny Depp [L] and Ralph Steadman [R]

However, a new trailer confirms that the movie will be released in Spring 2014, which is great news for fans of Depp, Steadman and Hunter S. Thompson. 

One of the most important radical British artists of modern times, Steadman is best known for his work with the gonzo-journalist though rose to prominence in the early 1970s when his stirring images gained recognition in various popular publications.

The new documentary is the product of Charlie Paul's fifteen years of amassing footage and perfectly encapsulates Steadman's anarchic energy, anger and free spirit. Viewers taken a trip through Steadman's time with Hunter S Thompson and his gun fights with literary hero William S Burroughs. 

Ralph SteadmanThe Inimitable Artwork of Ralph Steadman

Steadman's work as also graced George Orwell's Animal Farm, Robert Louis Stevenson's Treasure Island and Lewis Carroll's The Complete Alice. 

For No Good Reason is currently playing in selected US cinemas on a limited run, but a nationwide release is set for next year.

Watch the trailer for Charlie Paul's For No Good Reason: