Sky Atlantic is preparing to debut the documentary looking at the career or legendary and radical British artist, Ralph Steadman, in a film fronted by his friend, actor Johnny Depp. Steadman is best known for his illustrations for US author Hunter S. Thompson, who was another of Depp's close friends until his death in 2005.

Johnny Depp Ralph Steadman
Johnny Depp Has Immense Respect For Illustrator Ralph Steadman.

For No Good Reason will air in 2014 as part of the channel's Documentary Films Season and will guide the viewer through an exploration of Steadman's remarkable life; a man widely considered as one of the most important British illustrators of our time and a gonzo journalism pioneer. The documentary has circulated the film festivals during the past year but will receive a television airing next year.

Watch A 'For No Good Reason' Clip:

The 77 year-old British artist is known for his heavy and jagged style of drawing which often depicts dark themes and caricatures. Most notably, Steadman is known for teaming up with Thompson at the 1970 Kentucky Derby that Thompson was covering that would eventually become cult novel, Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas.

However, the pair didn't exactly hit it off at first, according to Steadman himself during an interview: "I was told that the writer would be this 6ft 5in ex-Hells Angel with a shaved head who would be carrying a doctor's bag. I was given his name, Hunter S. Thompson, but it meant nothing"

Ralph Steadman Art
Steadman's Distinctive Style Has Earned Him Praise & Commissions Worldwide.

"I really didn't think we'd have anything more to do with one another. I thought he didn't particularly like me, or my work. But apparently he'd noticed a certain intensity of my response to subject matter which he did like," he added.

The movie's website reads: "Johnny Depp pays a call on his friend and hero Ralph Steadman and we take off on a high-spirited, lyrical, raging and soulful journey discovering the life and works of one of the most important radical British artists of modern times. Through Depp's lead in this intimate portrait, we are able to reach to the heart of what make this artist tick, his friendships and fallings out, his love for art and passion for civil liberties."

Fear And Lothing In Las Vegas
Steadman's Style Combined With Thompson's Writing Defined An Iconic Period Of Journalism.

It is widely accepted that Steadman and Thompson changed the face of journalism forever with the immersive, personal style of gonzo journalism. Which is why For No Good Reason will make a fantastically interesting film to tune into next year.