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Posted 8 years 6 months ago by Joel Engel

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Johnny, Hi my name is Sue and I wanted to tell you to leave, those women alone and I will show you what Love is. I am looking for the same thing you are. That Love and to be Loved. So before you do this, Lets see if we have a spark,then you can quit looking. I'm just a call away if your interested. Love Sue

Posted 9 years 5 months ago by Sue Borchardt

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I think that Johnny Depp as Tonto looks really good, good makeup

Posted 10 years 9 months ago by Lee Adams

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If I knew what to say to make you realise what you mean to me, I would write you a poem that would make your heart melt. If I knew what to do to make you realise why you mean so much to me, I would paint you a picture that would take your breath away. But I don't know these things, and I never will. So here's to you Johnny. You're my inspiration.

Posted 11 years 5 months ago by Star Sapphire

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Dear Johnny Depp, My two sons and I will be homeless at the end of this month less then two weeks , I prey you can help , you see I was hit by a drunk driver and now I have a broken back and a pre broken neck , it is so cold out side in Salem Oregon . I prey you could help my two sons and I with getting us a school bus to live in , I love you in every movie you are in . We don't ever listen to bad talk folks say out there about you . you are the greatest , I prey you get this note and can help out a single white woman and her two sons . I have never owned my own home before , but I sure don't want to be out in the cold with a back brace and two Canadian crutches to walk with . will you find it in your heart to help out a fan ? yours Elaine Elizabeth Shoemaker ( 503-390-4407 ) 4888 13th Ave Ne Keizer Oregon 97303

Posted 12 years 6 months ago by ladyelizabethsh...'s picture

One of Johnny's ex girlfriends just wrote a tell all book check it out at

Posted 12 years 6 months ago by lazeria

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i love you jdGod bless u & your familywe love you all

Posted 13 years 8 months ago by cittielailanie

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I love him so. I think he's an awesome actor and quite a wonderful father to his kids. It must not be easy to be with somebody who is so famous, I envy Vanessa ,for Johnny is not only famous worldwide, he's the hottest man on earth to me!I love you Johnny! You make me wanna be a proffessional photographer just so I could take great pictures of you. Although I will probably never see you in real life but in my dreams, but it's okey I still love you Johnny..

Posted 14 years 2 months ago by Rubyred

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baby you need to wear more black. makes you even hotter then you are.

Posted 14 years 4 months ago by kathy stokes

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one hott mother f**ker.would do anything to just see him in real life. baby you got it

Posted 14 years 4 months ago by kathy stokes

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God bless Johnny and his fellow actors for helping Heath's little girl. Its wonderful how people come to help others in their time of need. How Johnny along with others, don't have what we call "a big head" when it comes to their success, and still remember there are others in the world that are less fortunate. This is why I respect alot of you, keep up the wonderful efforts, and God keep you in his heart and keep you all safe. Hugs to you!

I would like to know if Johnny likes the Somerset Countryside, England as I believe he has a home in the area. I am a Somerset person and think its great that Johnny has chosen a home in this area. We have real pirates in our family both from Cornwall and the Ilfracombe part of Devon so his films were great fun to watch and enjoy--I also loved his recent film ' Sweeney Todd' it shows his versatality and adaptability--you need to watch this film more than once to get all the benefit as I see a different perspective each time--bye for now an admirer--sheila

Posted 15 years 4 months ago by Sheila

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well you can all naff off he,s mine, vanessa said i can have him on loan for a week.And by the time ive finished with him he will need medical treatment for exhastion. oh blisssss!!!!!!!!!!

Posted 15 years 7 months ago by feebee

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i love johnny depp with all my heart. he has beautiful brown eyes, amazing cheekbones, wondeful hair, a brilliant smile, and that outrageous sexxyyyy mystery about him. hes also a dedicated father, a faithful 'almost' husband, and an excellent person. hes got a incredible sense of humor and is an incredible actor. hes got tattoos all over to mark times in is life, he is not c**ky, he's gratefulto his fans and never turns any fans down, his uniuqe style, andd the way he will wear little plastic beaded heart bracelets that lily-rose makes him. hes an amazing person and i truly love him. i know ill probably neverrrrrr meet him but i can only hope. i love you john christopher depp the second.

Posted 15 years 7 months ago by depplover

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Whats next for DEPP? Surely period films are perfectfor his future films, but what. I think he will pickspecial ones just suited for him. I look forward toseeing his choices...which should be endless...histalent is rare and must be in high demand.

Posted 16 years 4 months ago by margaray

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Johnny Depp should be named the greatest actor of our time. Is there actually anything he can't do! Although, POTC 1 was great. An absolute breakthrough for him and Orlando Bloom. But POTC 2 was a snooze fest. I cannot beleive it got more stars than POTC 1. I think he is fantastic in all his films. No matter how lame the film is, he always makes me love it. He is the best. He's so good that he is redeemed for smoking!!!

Posted 16 years 6 months ago by stella1234

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depp is absolutely the most gifted actor of our time. can't ever get enough. thanks for keeping me posted on what's happening with this astounding man.

Posted 16 years 7 months ago by deppdelver

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i love this guy and everything about him ..thx for keeping me updated on all the news ..

Posted 16 years 8 months ago by Miss Depp

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i love johnny depp's acting. i think he is the greatest and most attractive actor ever lived.

Posted 16 years 10 months ago by deslyn

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Greetings, Mr.Depp, So how are things with you? Have you been doing anymore movies lately? sometimes it's hard to find you on the Net or Website, to write to you, so, you and Mr.Clooney are close huh, cool, it's nice to have friends when they are there for you or anytime, it's very rare to have, but be careful, with caution, because you never know when they will turn on you anytime. So,when have you been up to lately? getting rest, taking it slow and easy that's cool too, You want to take time on things that's alright too, I find you a very quiet, and shy person and handsome and a very sweet guy whom loves his privatcy, and that's the best way to be, and please stay that way, and very shy men like you, always I have a thing for all my life, because you men make it fun and and it's good for the chase. well, I hope you will make more movies, real soon and I'll be watching. Take care and God bless.

Posted 16 years 11 months ago by Lover of Peace

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I really liked his bit on Letterman in 2006 about painting over a billboard in the middle of the night. It was him holding a gun and the headline was "other kids pack lunch." So he got a buddy, some paint, and vandalized his one face. He had every right too. A big thanks to the security guard who did't say anything.

Posted 16 years 11 months ago by ceiling

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hey everyoneI can't understand you people, went in love with Johnny Depp. I think he is really cute and handsom and everything, but in love?? No, I can't. He lives miles ago, somewhere in France and propable I will never meet him! It feels like I'm in love but it can't be! He's an actor he plays the perfect characters! But maybe he is just a freak in reality (But I don't think that way).I understand that you, all the fans of Johnny Depp, not want to here that you propable never see him en he is surrently not intersted in you (I don't want to hear that eader), but it's the truth! However I can't stop thinkin about him and he's my biggest idol, but I want to see him so badly!!! I'm Nilbal (Not in love but a little) on him!! And If I know him I just wanted to be a close friend of him! Not a girlfriend or something! Because that's sad for his wife ;)All the luck and I hope for all of you that you gonna see him sometime :)byebye a dutchgirl!!

Posted 17 years 1 month ago by a dutch girl

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i love this man very much....offf :D

Posted 17 years 1 month ago by nergis

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Johnny Depp has to be one of the most versitile actors of all time. He could take any role and succeed. His choices of dark and offbeat roles such as Edward Scissorhands. I'm also i big fan of Tim Burton so when the two of them team up they create some of the greatest movies of all time. I loved both Pirates and actually wouldn't mind being one myself. He's created a character that millions of people want to be. I also love how he's one of the few celbreties who live a private life. He lives in France and keeps to himself. I don't exsactly agree with how he feels about the U.S. but he's entitled to his own opinion. He is also without a doubt the sexiest man alive. Depp's unusual and dark personality has led him to millions of fans everywhere. I hope he continues his wonderful acting and keeps choosing the dark and offbeat roles that he has proved worthy of. He is simply one of the best actors that have ever lived

Posted 17 years 1 month ago by johnnydepplover

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i love i so much i am ur bigest fan ever i no alot of girls say that to u but i am i am ur biggest fan and i reely meen it so if u cood pleese pleese pleese pleeseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee email me at [email protected]

Posted 17 years 1 month ago by chica boom

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Johnny- when you are in New York stop in ar andies cheepies and say hello to Sky for me.

Posted 17 years 2 months ago by thelmamaude

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We should share pictures of how we adorn our rooms with Johnny. I would love to know how many females in the world have his picture on the wall. I will if you will.

Posted 17 years 2 months ago by thelmamaude

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Johnny; You are loved and adored always and forever. I could only dream of driving up to a gas pump, and you pumping my gas.HaHa.As long as you are bigger than life there is life in this sorrowful world. Without you and the stars, the artists and the poets,this place sucks!!!!!

Posted 17 years 2 months ago by thelmamaude

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I think johnny Depp is one of the worlds greatest actors not to mention the most sexiest man alive! The characters he plays are just amazing but only because he makes them that way he really gives it his all he does such a brill job that the critcs cant say anything bad, he really gets into the character he plays and he goes from the bottom and produces this amazing character and then he's up there in the sky he drags the character from the ground and builds it up and does a perfect job of and I think no matter what role he plays wether its the sexy ''Cry baby Walker'' or Captain Jack Sparrow'' he always has that sexy look on him and what i wouldn't do to meet him I get the chills up and down my spine whenever i think of him he's soooo sexy and for his talents and bravery and I say bravery because he doesnt care what people think of hhis work he is not afraid of playing a gooney character and I just think he will end up a legend based on his looks alone and of course for his work isnt he just sooo hot!!!!!!!!!!! would love to meet ya johnny love always Michelle,,xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Posted 17 years 6 months ago by shelly4johnny@l...

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I have to say Johnny is awsome.I loved him in fear and loathing in los vagas man can he do wacked out so well.Benny and Joon talk about sweet. Johnny can do it all.Sweet hot crazy and mad.

Posted 17 years 7 months ago by Oh Johnny Boy

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Yes Johnny Depp is the best actor ever to have graced our screens. He does take films others would find hard to do either because they cannot or they think it might not make them enough money..... he takes on roles because he likes them and if he likes them then you know its gonna be fantastic. Someone said on television one night that Johnny Depps portrayal as willy wonka was his weakest performance yet, this coming from an actor in the movie decent..... say no more..... I would like to see him try it but then jealousy is very ugly..... Love ya Johnny... xxxx

Posted 17 years 8 months ago by serendipity

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Hi, I would like to say that I have watched Johnny Depp since 21 Jump Street and have followed him throughout his amazing journey. He is such a fantastic actor and a kind caring genuine person. I hope one day I will be lucky enough to meet him he is truly a star in every sense of the word. x x

Posted 17 years 9 months ago by serendipity

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He is a great actor I love all the movies that he is in that I have seen. He is a lovly man. He is so good at movies I can't wait until Pirates of the Caribbean 2 comes out! I always wondered what Johnny Depp was like in real life ! I bet he is a great and caring and a loving guy!

Posted 17 years 9 months ago by Crista

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So he doesn't care to live in ffffraaance anymore ehhh? Doesn't like America and now not the freakin' traitorous freeennccch. Dumbass finally got a clue. Maybe Dippy Depp can go to Bolivia and die a miserable death like his commie pal Che Guerrva- whose image on t-shirts he loves to sport. He's always putting down the USA and such whilst living abroad- I hope they burn his cars in freakin franccee with him in it!!!Then his kids won't have to wait 20 years to see his movie he banned them from seeing--LOL ROLF

Posted 17 years 10 months ago by LEGION98

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i would give anything to meet johnny depp he is so cute i wanna give him a huge cuddle. he is great in all of his movies and has the sexiest eyes ever.

Posted 17 years 10 months ago by johnny depp = 1...

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As far as I know, Johnny Depp is proud of his lineage. Hence his tattoo on his arm. Hope this helps :)

Posted 17 years 11 months ago by n0odles

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j.depp is the best actor & my all-time favorite star in a movie, I really like his style of acting...actually my screensaver in my pc is his best shot picture in Pirates of Carribean..i hope i can chat him personally & receive poster of him soon.

Posted 18 years 1 month ago by anoj

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Johnny Depp is amazing actor the director give him a character to play and he does excellent job that is why he earned the critical &popular.He don't work hard for it it just comes to him.

Posted 18 years 1 month ago by kathy

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Johnny Depp is a amazing actor the director give him a character to play and he does excellent job because he has that talented he don't work hard for it,it just comes to him and he respect the director and Johnny know what they expect him to do.That is why he has win alot of heart of critics& have alot of fans.He is a very special person, and doesn't matter if he won award or not.

Posted 18 years 1 month ago by kathy

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OMG!!!!!! I love Johnny Depp he is so hot. And a very good actor. I would love to meet him to see what hes like.

Posted 18 years 2 months ago by JohnnydeppisSexy

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I watch Johnny when he on 21 Jump Street. I started to watch him again when he play on Sleepy Hollow. I have never watch Charlie Chocolate and the Factory of Willy Wonka but when Johnny be on that show I will go see it. I enjoyed watching Johnny I think he is so cute.

Posted 18 years 3 months ago by kathy

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