American television star, comedian, writer, actor and musician, Johnny Carson, passed away in January 2005 at the age of 79. He left behind an estate worth 450 million USD, and, as expected, this has led to a family feud, as his relatives are desperate to ensure that they get some of the inheritance.

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Christal Love Carson, the deceased star's illegitimate granddaughter, wants a share. So far, Carson's surviving sons, Cory and Chris, are due to receive around 150 million USD between them, with Carson's widow Alexis Maas, likely to make 200 million USD. Love Carson is the daughter of Chris Carson and ex-girlfriend Tanena Love, and reportedly never even met her famous grandfather.

In an interview with '', Tanena Love explains that: "[Christal] is a Carson by birth and she got cheated all these years. It's about time she got what she deserves. With all the millions Johnny had, you'd think he'd have given his only granddaughter something."