Razorlight "never meant" for their music to hit the charts.

The indie rock band - which consists of founding members Björn Ågren on guitar, lead vocalist Johnny Borrell and bassist Carl Delemo, as well as drummer Andy Burrows - enjoyed massive success with debut album 'Up All Night' and their chart-topping record 'Razorlight' in the early 2000s but Bjorn thinks it is "laughable" that their music ever became mainstream.

He said: "(Our music) was never meant for the charts. And then that ended up being the kind of music that everyone listens to being in the charts was laughable. I guess we were surprised to learn it was possible. It was nuts."

The 'In the Morning' hitmaker went on to explain that the 2000s were a "very strange" decade but remarked that "everything has happened nicely" as the band prepares to launch their comeback album next year.

He told The Daily Star's Wired column: "It was a very strange decade, the end of lad culture and that drinking until you drop thing. The most popular game became 'Guitar Hero'. It was this weird thing where being in a band was the coolest thing in all of culture.

"Everything's happened quite nicely. It feels like it was the right time for it to happen. Enough time had passed so we can see the thing for what it was, and what it is. It's all very pure now, all about the music. Nobody's talking about big hits or anything like that. We're just trying with the four of us to see what we have."