Johnny Borrell was obnoxious during his time in Razorlight.

The indie group are currently on hiatus, and the front-man admitted he sometimes tried too hard to embrace the stereotypical image of what a rock star should be.

Speaking to the Sunday Telegraph newspaper's Seven magazine, e said: ''I guess I was constantly attempting to be what I thought I should be doing in that scenario.

''To be fair, I'm sure there were times when I was obnoxious. But that's rock 'n' roll, you know?''

The star realised later it wasn't a lifestyle he could adopt for as long as he first thought, despite trying to make the most of it at the time.

He added: ''The thing that was difficult that I really didn't work out was, OK, I've been working all my life in music, trying to make something happen.

''And [now] something's moving, it's all great and, yeah, for six months I'm gonna have a good time - I'm gonna just go for it. I'm gonna see where that gets me, if I do whatever I wanna do - I'll do the drugs and I'll do the girls.

''But I think you can't really do that for longer than about six months. Otherwise you're Motley Crue. But people really liked that character.''