Johnny Borrell isn't worried about low sales of his debut solo album.

The Razorlight frontman's 'Borrell 1' record sold just 594 copies in the UK in its first week of release, but he has hit back at critics saying he would prefer to play smaller shows to dedicated fans.

He told website Drowned In Sound: ''It is being heard and appreciated by as many people as possible! It is!

''If that's 500 people, that's 500 people. If those are the 500 people that are open enough at this point in time to heard this record, f***ing fantastic man.''

Despite the setback, the 'America' hitmaker feels connected to music once again.

The 33-year-old said: ''I would rather play to 80 people who are switched on enough, and unprejudiced enough, to get what's going on with this band right now, than to play to 80,000 people who are there because that's the CD that's out this year or whatever.''

Johnny's record label, Stiff Records, made light of the situation after receiving official sales figures for his first record.

They released a statement pointing out that the musician's album was the 15,678th best-selling record of the year to date, adding: ''So far we've received 0.00015 per cent sales of Adele's '21'.''