Johnny Borrell has no beef with The 1975's Matty Healy after he called him a ''w***er''.

The Razorlight frontman has insisted he had no idea the 'Love Me' singer had slammed him in 2013, because ''Whoever it is, he didn't say it to my face!''

And Johnny admitted that he thinks it's a ''strange'' comment for him to make, considering they've never met before.

When asked in interview if he worries success will turn him into a ''w***er'', Matty had said: ''No, I don't. We're not worried about becoming a bunch of w***ers because the people who become w***ers were always gonna become w***ers. Johnny Borrell is a w***er because he's a w***er, not because Razorlight got massive.''

And in new Q&A with for which he answered a series of true or false questions, the 'America' hitmaker responded: ''Well, I don't think I've ever met him so it seems like a strange thing to say! You just read that to me and I think: 'Gosh, I hope he's doing alright man'. 'Cos I don't think you give it out to people who you don't even know unless you're not doing alright yourself. All I can say to the guy is: 'Good luck man!'.''

Elsewhere, the 'Burn, Camden, Burn' musician revealed he used to have discussions with U2's Bono about songwriting when he was dating the band's manger Paul McGuinness' daughter Alex.

Asked if he's ''ever received the fabled 'Bono talk''', he said: ''Yeah, I did because we toured with U2 - and I was going out with their manager Paul McGuinness' daughter Alex, so I was sort of in the family for a bit. We'd talk a lot about songwriting. Before that, he'd walked past me in a corridor and gave me a little private whisper: 'Don't be afraid of success!'''