A Facebook post reportedly made by John Travolta, describing his heartbreak over the loss of his son Jett seven years ago has gone viral, despite being deleted from the actor’s page. In the post Travolta described Jett as ‘my everything’ adding, ‘those 16 years of being his father taught me how to love unconditionally.’

John TravoltaA Facebook post reportedly written by John Travolta about his late son Jett has gone viral.

"They say the hardest thing in the world is losing a parent. I can now say that isn’t true. The hardest thing in the world is losing a child,” the 61-year-old reportedly wrote (via The Express). "Someone you raised and watched grow everyday. Someone you taught how to walk and talk. Someone you showed how to love.”

“It’s the worst thing to ever happen to anyone. My son died of a seizure. He brought me so much joy. He was my everything. Those 16 years of being his father taught me how to love unconditionally.”

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Jett died in 2009, while on a Christmas vacation in The Bahamas, after hitting his head during a seizure. In memory of his son, who suffered from seizures regularly and also had autism, the actor launched the Jett Travolta Foundation, a non-profit organisation to help children with special needs.

The post ended by urging parents to spend more time with their children and children to spend more time with their parents. "Spend time with your parents and parents spend time with your children, Treat them well. Because, one day, when you look up from your phone, they won't be there anymore."

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"What I truly learned most of all is, live and love everyday like it's your last. Because, one day, it will be. Take chances and go live life. Tell the ones you love, that you love them every day. Don't take any moment for granted. Life is worth living.”

Speaking about his son’s tragic death in 2014, Travolta described it as ‘the worst thing that's ever happened in my life’. “The truth is, I didn't know if I was going to make it,” Travolta said. “Life was no longer interesting to me, so it took a lot to get me better.”