You may not know this about John Travolta, but the actor is a certified airplane pilot and owns an aircraft company – a fact, which has only recently become relevant after a pilot, who worked for Travolta in the 80s, came forward with the claim that his relationship with Travolta went far beyond professional. Too much information? Feel free to read back and catch up. The pilot, Douglas Gotterba, has since been allowed by a California appeals court to share his story.

John Travolta
The details of Travolta's confidentiality agreement with Gotherba are sketchy.

According to Gotterba, via The Hollywood Reporter, he worked for Travolta for six years, between 1981 and 1987. In that time, the pilot claims to have started an intimate relationship with his employer, before entering into a confidentiality agreement (according to Travolta’s legal team.) The appeals court’s ruling opens up a possibility for 64-year-old Gotterba to dispute the terms of his termination, as well as the confidentiality agreement itself. It’s an avenue the pilot plans to pursue, according to the New York Daily News.

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John Travolta
Gotterba plans to pursue the matter further.

“Yeah, absolutely," Gotterba told the Daily News when asked if he planned to forge ahead in the contract dispute. “But I can't comment any further.”