John Travolta made a big mess of his Oscars introduction speech for Frozen singer Idina Menzel's performance of 'Let It Go.' The Grease actor took to the stage to announce the Broadway star's arrival but completely jumbled up her name, producing something that sounded like "Adela Dazeem."

John Travolta
Whoops! John Travolta Gets Idina Menzel's Name Very Wrong In An Intro Speech.

"Here to perform the Oscar-nominated and gorgeously empowering song 'Let It Go' from the Oscar-winning animated movie Frozen, please welcome the wickedly talented, the one and only, Adela Dazeen," announced Travolta. The 60 year-old star had one job at the star-studded Academy Awards and he made a mess of it, causing a storm of mockery on Twitter. Comedienne Rosie O'Donnell was quick to jump on Travolta's goof, tweeting "I'll have the ADAHZEE MAZINE with sauce on the side."

Idina Menzel
Idina Menzel: Adela Nazeem, According To John Travolta.

The gracious songstress hasn't commented on Travolta's embarrassing and - some might say - disrespectful goof but she's probably laughing at it along with the rest of us. As with most things in this day and age, a Twitter account was quickly set up to mock Travolta further. "@AdelaDazeem" tweeted "THANK YOU, JORN TROMOLTO!" not long after the veteran actor's mistake.

Watch John Travolta Mess Up Idina Menzel's Name:

Anyway, if Idina has caught wind of this mysterious alter-ego Travolta seems to have conjured up for her, she's probably too high on her movie's Oscars success to care in the slightest. Menzel performed a triumphant rendition of the powerful ballad at last night's ceremony where the sweet and hugely popular movie picked up two gongs for Best Original Song and Best Animated Feature film.

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The Sheepish Travolta Received Plenty Of Scorn Online.

For her show-stopping performance, Menzel practically became her character, Queen Elsa, from the winter musical in a stunning gown with plenty of passion on stage at LA's Dolby Theatre. The powerful yet catchy ballad was written by Kristen Anderson-Lopez and Robert Lopez, who were on hand to collect their well-deserved Oscar.

Watch the video for Idina Menzel's 'Let It Go':