Ellen Travolta, the sister of 'Pulp Fiction' star John Travolta, has ended a 30-year working relationship with actor Scott Baio, after playing his onscreen mother in three separate television series. Travolta and Baio became colleagues in 1981 when they landed the roles of Louisa Arcola and Chachi Arcola, respectively, on the US television sitcom 'Happy Days'. They then portrayed the same family dynamic on both 'Joanie Loves Chachi' and 'Charles in Charge'.

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Travolta was supposedly going to collaborate with Baio again on his new show, 'See Dad Run', however Michele Lee, star of 'Knot's Landing', received the part instead. With Biao becoming the show's executive producer, it fell upon him to break the news to Travolta that their long-time collaboration was at an end. 

Baio explained: "Ellen Travolta played my mother forever on television - she was on 'Happy Days', 'Joanie Loves Chachi' and 'Charles in Charge' and then, when we were doing this show... somebody suggested Michelle Lee. I love her [Travolta] and I felt so horrible. I said 'We made a decision to use Michelle Lee', and she goes, 'Oh, I understand, thank you so much...' Her brother is a big movie star and he's not gonna use me for anything."

Baio revealed that he did eventually come around to really enjoy having Lee as his onscreen mother, and felt that they both got along very well. "Michelle Lee is awesome" he explained, "She's, like, a real broad. I loved hanging out with her."