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Liotta Denies Surgery Rumours

Actor RAY LIOTTA has slammed reports he has undergone cosmetic surgery after fans and the media became alarmed at his appearance at a recent premiere. The GOODFELLAS star, 52, joined his WILD HOGS co-stars JOHN...

Cruise Amazed By 'Reports' Of Anti-scientology Views

Hollywood star TOM CRUISE refuses to accept there is a negative attitude to Scientology, insisting the public are curious to find out more about the RON L HUBBARD-founded faith. Cruise, JOHN TRAVOLTA, KELLY PRESTON,...

Tarantino Snubs Be Cool

Maverick movie director QUENTIN TARANTINO refuses to watch his muse UMA THURMAN in her latest film BE COOL. The critically-panned comedy features a scene in which PULP FICTION co-stars Thurman and JOHN TRAVOLTA dance...

Travolta's High-flying Sex

JOHN TRAVOLTA joined the mile high club with his wife KELLY PRESTON on one of his own planes. The celebrity pilot admits his official uniform has always been a big turn-on for his wife...

Kelly + John Take Journal To Scientology Central

Celebrity Scientologists JOHN TRAVOLTA and wife KELLY PRESTON insisted on conducting a new interview for style magazine LADIES HOME JOURNAL at the controversial church's headquarters in Florida. The couple speak candidly about their beliefs...

Travolta Buys Airship For Christmas

Hollywood superstar and aviation enthusiast JOHN TRAVOLTA has bought himself an $11 million (GBP6 million) Zeppelin airship for Christmas (04). The PULP FICTION star, who is a qualified pilot, told wife KERRY PRESTON he...

Chan Turns His Home Into A Secret Lair

JACKIE CHAN has turned his Hong Kong home into a 'Batcave' because he always dreamed of having secret spaces - just like his hero BATMAN. The martial arts movie star owns a three-storey, 1,860...

Travolta's Wife Saved His Career

Hollywood icon JOHN TRAVOLTA has praised his wife KELLY PRESTON for rescuing his crumbling career in the early '90s - because she insisted he had a future as a movie star. The 50-year-old was...

The Rock Goes Gay

Hulking SCORPION KING star DWAYNE 'THE ROCK' JOHNSON is preparing to play a gay villain in JOHN TRAVOLTA's new movie - as a tribute to his homosexual mentor. The former wrestler jumped at the...

Samuel L Jackson And Travolta: Great Friends

Supercool SAMUEL L JACKSON was delighted when he signed up for new film BASIC - because co-star JOHN TRAVOLTA is a great friend of his. And Samuel - who shared the screen with Travolta...

Kelly Preston.s Iraq Memories

Actress KELLY PRESTON is especially distraught by the conflict in Iraq - because she used to live in the war-torn nation. Hawaii-born Preston, wife of actor JOHN TRAVOLTA, pulled out of press junkets...

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