The Full House star was so amazed when he beat Jackson to the sign at the memorabilia sale he didn't pick up a call from the Thriller singer shortly afterwards.

The actor explains, "I started collecting Disney memorabilia because I love Disneyland. I got (the Disneyland) sign on Ebay. Disney started to get rid of stuff and I heard Michael Jackson was bidding on it, so I thought, 'Oh, I'll never win it and then I won it...'

"Then I got a call from Michael Jackson and I didn't pick it up, I didn't know, and he said (in the message), 'Hi John, this is Michael... How's the sign, I really dig your stuff...'

"He said, 'We should go to Disneyland some time together', and, at the time, I was like, 'Come on...', and now I'm like, 'Could you imagine the... picture I would have had?'

"But he didn't leave a number. I didn't know how to reach him."