John Stamos says he went from being a "dorky kid" to a "teen idol" overnight.

The 59-year-old actor started his career in his late teens on the soap opera 'General Hospital' and when reflecting upon his life for his upcoming memoir 'If You Would Have Told Me?', explained that he had written some "hard chapters" to show that "anyone can make it" in the world of show business.

He said: "I started with some pretty hard chapters. I didn't want it to be like cradle-to-grave, so it jumps around at different parts of my life. I was a dorky kid in school, so to go from that to, overnight, a teen idol... I wanted to show that if I could make it, anyone can."

Meanwhile, John starred alongside late comedian Bob Saget - who was found dead in a hotel room back in January at the age of 65 after accidentally hitting his head - on the classic sitcom 'Full House' and is "proud" that he was able to film the second season of school sports-themed Disney+ series 'Big Shot' soon after his friend and former co-star had passed away.

He told UsWeekly magazine: "[In season two], the school becomes coed, and we illuminate the inequalities of men's sports versus women's sports. The relationship with my daughter, Emma (Sophia Mitri Schloss), also gets highlighted. One of the things I'm proud of is we started [production) right after Bob Saget] passed. I don't think he knew how loved he was, so I wanted to tap into what I felt about Bob and how Marvyn feels about his legacy - when he goes, what is he leaving behind?"