Review of Time Changes Everything Album by John Squire

John Squire-Time changes everything
New John Squire album - Time changes everything reviewed
John Squire is back! With a new album "Time changes everything"

From Guitar Guru and British pop artist for the 90's flared generation with the unforgettable Stone Roses-to Pub rock embarrassment with the definitely better forgotten Sea Horses over the years John Squire's career has taken many twist and turns.

John has spent the last few years hidden away in his Peak District home/studio working with various lineups which have included the likes of Simon Jones (ex-verve) and varying approaches to coming up with "the album he always wanted to make".

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The major shocker when you first hear "Time changes everything" is the fact that, through lack of finding a harmonious relationship with a vocalist and loosing the amount of control John Required to front this quite personal set of songs he has decided to take on the duty of singing himself.

Like most musicians who have enjoyed the ease of "driving from the back seat" with previous projects the vocal type John has chosen is not a million miles away from a bunch of others, take two parts Dylan, add one part Lennon and sprinkle with a touch of Bowie then serve hot! Although he's no Frank Sinatra, I don't really want to go on a downer regarding John's vocal style because for the first time in his career the partnering of Song with guitar work and voice, furnish "Time changes everything" with a new found zeal and merit.

From the opening track "Joe Louis" a love song to an icon - to tile track "time changes everything" which would sit well on any Neil young/The Band album through to outstanding track "All I really want" and waltzing ballad "Welcome to the valley" what you get is a believable, honest and occasionally astonishing collection of songs executed with the understanding of a expert. Plus some immense guitar solos

Welcome home John Boy……All is forgiven.

8 out of 10

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