John Simm is a very, very good actor. We know that. Though many would argue that he's struggled to find the right television material since Life on Mars. Now, with ITV's 'Prey', Simm may have something on his hands. He plays Manchester Detective Marcus Farrow, who, when accused of a terrible crime, attempts to proves his innocence while being hunted for his former friends and colleagues.

John SimmJohn Simm as Marcus Farrow in ITV's 'Prey'

"We're attempting something different with Prey," said Nicola Shindler of Red Production Company when the show was announced in 2013.

"It's very fast-paced and to enhance the high octane qualities of Chris's [Lunt] brilliant scripts we'll be shooting essentially from the back of a transit van.

"It's almost a guerrilla style technique, which will make Prey feel accessible and edgy with the 'real' factor."

Heather PeaceHeather Peace as 'Abi' in 'Prey'

The critics are on-board after Monday's premiere.

"Any lack of depth is made up for in pace; it's a gripping, breathless, buttock-clenching chase, foot to the floor, blues and twos going. I'm there, to the end," said Sam Wollaston of The Guardian.

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"This was decent, dramatic stuff to wallow in if you feel like shutting the curtains on the spring sunshine in every conceivable way," said Ceri Radford of The Telegraph.

"Make no mistake about it, John Simm is a class actor. And this was a class performance in a class ITV drama," said Paul Turner of South Wales Evening Post.

John SimmCritics Are On-Board with 'Prey'

Simm was just sensational as police officer Farrow discovering his estranged partner has been stabbed and is dying.

"In one scene, when he is told of the death of his son, nothing is said for what seems like minutes as Farrow tries to deal with the news - brilliant, emotional tv," he added.

'Prey' - which also stars Heather Peace as Simm's wife Abi - continues on ITV next Monday (May 5, 2014).

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