Evidently, it has really not been a good week for dead ex-BBC employees. Over the past two weeks the worst fears, that were merely rumours in Jimmy Savile's lifetime, have seemingly been confirmed as fact with over 100 reported incidents involving the Jim'll Fix It host. And now, a woman has revealed that she had a three month affair with the BBC Radio presenter John Peel, resulting in a pregnancy that she terminated.

Jane Nevin allegedly met the legendary DJ at a Black Sabbath Concert in 1969 when peel was 30, double the age of Nevin. The pair would meet routinely for sex, he would take her to gigs and she “would follow him round like a laptop' as she put it, quoted in the Telegraph. As soon as Nevin's mother found out about the relationship, she put an end to it, though not before Nevin had fallen pregnant.

Nevin was not at all happy about the pregnancy, she said “I was devastated... didn’t even think about telling John. I just wanted it to be over.” Nevin chose to come clean about the relationship with the press after the allegations against Savile have come to light. “He must have known I was still at school. But he didn’t ask and I didn’t tell him... At the time I was just so happy to be on his arm. I was young and he was famous. All I cared about was that I could make all my school friends jealous... I suppose I used him for his fame and he used me for sex" Nevin said, “Looking back, it was terribly wrong and I was perhaps manipulated. But it was a different era.” Peel was also known to say 'I don't ask for ID' in regard to his female fans.

John Peel, who died at the age of 65 in 2004, had an illustrious and legendary career with BBC radio. Since his death he has had a stage at Glastonbury Festival named after him and earlier this year his entire record collection was made available to view online. His family have refused to comment on the news that has come to light.