John Oliver focused his ire on elected state judges during Sunday's Last Week Tonight. It's one of the most unique aspects of US democracy, though Oliver argued that it forced judges to take tough stances simply to appeal to voters.

John OliverJohn Oliver went after elected state judges and the UK Labour Party

"The problem with an elected judiciary is sometimes the right decision is neither easy or popular," Oliver said. "And yet, campaigns force judges to look over their shoulder on every ruling."

One study has found that state supreme court justices are much less likely to rule in favor of criminal defendants when TV ads label them "soft on crime."

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Oliver later turned attention to UK politics and mocked the Labour Party's recent attempts to reach out to women with its "pink bus".

In a clip, Gloria De Piero, the shadow minister for women and equality, tried to avoid the issue, saying, "Hot. err. I'll tell you where we got. It's like. Pink. Cerise.. I mean. I don't know. People will call this colour. It's certainly a version of pink, I would say."

"I think she may just have hit rock bottom," noted Oliver. "I've gone into politics to make a difference and now I am on television desperately trying to act like I don't know the colour pink. What happened to my life?"

"It is a little insulting that you are trying to appeal to adult female voters in the same way that Mattel attempts to appeal to 8-year-olds."

Elsewhere this week, we learned that John Oliver will not be replacing Jon Stewart on The Daily Show.

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