John Oliver, the host of HBO's Last Week Tonight, directed his ire at the pointlessness of Daylight Saving Time on Sunday's show, breaking down why the practice is ridiculous and shouldn't even be a thing anymore.

John OliverJohn Oliver ripped into the ridiculous idea of Daylight Saving Time

"If you're like most Americans, you've been groggy all day after losing an hour of sleep to Daylight Saving. And as you struggle to remember the clock on your fucking microwave, you may have wondered: Why is this happening?"

Daylight Saving Time - when 70 countries roll back the clock by one hour in the fall and forward an hour in the spring - was included in Oliver's weekly sketch "How Is This Still A Thing?"

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As the Daily Beast notes, the Germans first adopted Daylight Saving Time as a fuel-saving measure during World War I. 

Elsewhere on Sunday's show, Oliver exposed the 100-year-old racist ruling that means those born in Guam, Puerto Rico, American Samoa, U.S. Virgin Islands and Norther Marianas - do not have the same constitutional rights as those born in the States. That means that over 4 million people including some U.S military veterans are not granted voting rights. 

"I find that condescending and I'm British," Oliver said of the ruling. "We basically invented patronizing bigotry."

"Voting rights in this country, much like John Travolta's hair, are still very much a work in progress," Oliver said. "There are the obvious obstacles for many Americans, such as increasingly restrictive voter ID laws, but there's also the less obvious ones."

"There are a lot of complicated issues surrounding what the precise status of all the US territories should be and what the people who live there would prefer," Oliver said. "But surely, when it comes to denying Americans the right to vote, we have to find a better reason than citing a 100-year-old legal decision written by a racist that was always supposed to be temporary."

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