John Newman celebrated his album topping the UK chart by building a shed.

The 24-year-old singer was thrilled when 'Tribute' reached the number one slot earlier this year but marked the occasion with a spot of DIY as his hectic schedule had given him no time to do anything around the house for some time.

Discussing learning his latest track, 'Blame', a collaboration with Calvin Harris, has reached number one in the UK singles chart, John said: '' When I got number one with the album, me and my best friend Tom were building a shed in the garden because it was the only Sunday I'd had off in a long time, but this time I'm in LA, I've got a beautiful view in front of me - I don't want to sound egotistical - but it's amazing and I'm so proud..''

And despite the success of the track, John insists he is still planning to take a break from releasing music so he can work on a new album.

He added: ''It's been amazing and this is a great way to finish 'Tribute', the album, I'm not going to do the stereotypical thing of releasing more off the back of this because I want to keep the door open for the things to come and I'm confident about them.

''I'm so excited, I'm out in LA at the moment writing a new album and it feels amazing so to leave the door open after this Calvin song and be back next year, I'm feeling confident.''

Though he hasn't been working on the new album for long, John is already delighted with the songs.

He added to BBC Radio 1 DJ Jameela Jamil: ''I feel like I've got rid of the blemishes from the last album, that one feels like it was 'John Newman in training', but this is where it's me and this is what I want to do and it feels great.''