The Shake It Off star hit headlines across the world this week (beg22Jun15) after writing an open letter which convinced Apple Music bosses to offer artists royalties during a planned three-month free trial of the service.

The move came months after she removed her entire back catalogue from rival streaming service Spotify in another dispute over payment, and Mellencamp threw his support behind her ongoing fight for more cash during a charity lunch in the Big Apple.

During his speech at the UJA Federation of New York gala, which feted the bosses of his Republic Records label, he accused the music industry of failing artists financially and urged other stars to stand behind Swift.

He told the audience, "Look at this little Taylor Swift taking a stand... Where were musicians in Jersey? In Minnesota? We didn't want to have to fight, but we have to be ready to have that fight. Taylor Swift was courageous, man. But where was I, for that matter? I tip my hat to her, and everyone else should too."