Tatum O'Neal has opened up about her strained relationship with ex-husband John McEnroe, admitting she hasn't spoken to the father of her three children in two years.
The Paper Moon star married the tennis star when she was just 22 but they divorced in 1994 after having three kids together during their eight years of marriage.
O'Neal insists they try to maintain a "civil" relationship, but it has been years since they last spoke.
She tells CNN host Piers Morgan, "We get on as well as a divorced couple who have three grown kids can. I mean, we are civil. We don't (talk regularly)... but that's OK. Not very often... My daughter just got her tonsils out, so I texted him that day. (We last spoke) maybe two years ago."
The actress, who long struggled with substance abuse, is convinced MCEnroe still struggles to forgive her former drug addictions, although she has been sober for the last year.
She adds, "He's not really a fan of mine. I said I was a fan of his. I don't think he sees addiction as a disease. I think he sees it as a moral deficiency in a person. So therefore, he thinks that I really kind of went out of my way to ruin my life and drop my children. That is not the case at all. I have a lot of regret, obviously, for all the choices that I've made."