When 25.10.2012

The Senior United States Senator John McCain answers a few questions at a meet and greet event at the Bay of Pigs Museum and Library in Miami for his 'Bus Tour Across Florida' move. After being Senator for 25 years, he is asked where he sees himself in 5 or 10 years' time. 'I hope alive', he says with a laugh. 'I'm very happy to serve. I have four more years in the senate on this term and I'll make a decision in a couple of years as to what I want to do. A lot of it will depend on my belief I can still be affective in the senate or not.'

He is also asked his feelings on Haiti's lack of mention in the whole presidential process. 'I think it should've been and other issues concerning our hemisphere', he replied and explains that Haiti has a 'failed government'. 'We need to do everything we can to build up the institutions of government in Haiti.'


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