Rocker John Mayer has dismissed reports new song HEARTBREAK WARFARE is all about his ex-girlfriend, Jennifer Aniston, but confesses much of his new album contains reference to his romance with the actress.
Mayer admits he wrote many tracks for his new album Battle Studies while he was dating the former Friends star last year (09) - and some romance truths made it into the lyrics of his songs.
Aniston even vetted some of the tracks and would ask the singer/songwriter, "That's not about me, is it?"
Mayer says, "There's a level of honesty in that record that probably made her uncomfortable, but I couldn't let that change the way I wrote songs."
But there's one song that has been linked to Aniston, which Mayer insists has no connection to his ex.
He tells Playboy magazine, "I feel bad because people think Heartbreak Warfare is about her. I wanna go on record saying it's not. That woman would never use heartbreak warfare. That woman was the most communicative, sweetest, kindest person."
And Mayer hopes that fans and critics alike aren't scrutinising his latest release for references to Aniston: "When people hear the record, I hope the songs make them think about their lives, not my life.
"When you listen to Coldplay, do you think about (singer Chris Martin's wife) Gwyneth Paltrow? I don't write songs in order to stick it to (upset) my exes."