John Mayer new song 'Who You Love' features his girlfriend, the pop-star Katy Perry. The track features on Mayer's new album Paradise Valley, which is scheduled to hit stores on August 20.

It's fairly standard ballad, featuring patches of Mayer's signature guitar and a little brass towards the end. Lyrically, it's pretty repetitive and Perry only manages to open up her vocal chords towards the end of the track, though never really reaches top gear.

"That you love, who you love, you love, who you love, who you love, you love, who you love, who you love. You can't make yourself stop dreaming of who you're dreaming of, if it's who you love," sings Mayer in the chorus.

"And it takes a little time, but you should see him when he shines, cos' you never want to let that feeling ago. When you love, who you love, who you love," sings back Perry.

In the final moments of the ditty, Katy is heard giggling and she spoke about the moment during a recent interview with The Morning Mash Up live on SiriusXM Hits 1. 

Listen to John Mayer and Katy Perry's Who You Love:

"I think that's just a love giggle," Katy said. "It's like the ones that Mariah Carey had in 1990 and stuff like that. Yeah I think I was going for that, I think I was just so happy. I love that song, you guys will hear it soon, all you listeners."

Though Mayer has enlisted his girl for Paradise, it appears Perry wasn't so keen on having her boyfriend muddy the credits list on her new record Prism. "He is not, actually," she said at the Smurfs 2 premiere when asked if Mayer lent his guitar to the album, "But thank you for asking."

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