After 2013 hit with a storm of high-profile breakups and divorces (Rupert Sanders, Justin Bieber and does anyone even remember when Taylor Swift and Harry Styles were a thing?) it’s comforting to see a celebrity romance that is still going strong – namely, Katy Perry and John Mayer.

On Friday, the pair slipped out for a hike in the Hollywood Hills in Fryman Canyon. The two looked relaxed and casual and, after grabbing a quick lunch at Sunset Towers, they took to the scenic hills for some quality time together. The perfect way to spend a lazy Friday, right? The sightings of John and Katy together have become a regular thing recently, ever since the two attended a Rolling Stones anniversary gig in each other’s company last month and both of the high-profile celebs have been gushing about the thriving relationship of late.

Most recently, Mayer gave an interview with Rolling Stone, in which he talked about his ladylove and how he was able to overcome his struggle with granuloma to return to performing onstage. We don't want to jinx it, but, with a brand new relationship and a renewed career, what could go wrong for Mayer? Looks like it’s all on the up and up for this couple.