This month 'John Mayall:The First Generation', a stupendous 35 CD record set will be launched worldwide by Madfish Records through Snapper music.

It showcases not only his talent but also some of the amazing musicians whose careers he has launched and nurtured.

Eric Clapton, Peter Green and ex-Rolling Stone guitarist Mick Taylor are just some of the guitar gods that have worked with Mayall and whose wonderful music features on this mammoth endeavour which is being released on January 20, 2021. (Pre-order link: .)

When John Mayall was approached by Snapper Music with the idea of a comprehensive box set of his early years, he gave it his full approval.

The result, created with John’s involvement and participation, is a blitzkrieg of a box set - 'John Mayall: The First Generation'.

The collection features music from seven unreleased concerts and 28 unreleased BBC tracks, as well as a hardback book which includes many rare photos and memorabilia.

Mayall told Bang Showbiz exclusively: “Madfish approached me with the idea and I thought it was great and a perfect time. I am very proud of all the work I’ve done over the years. It’s been a pleasure to see this box set all come together.”

"Actually, I don’t have any favourites – surprising as it may seem – because each song has its own life and its own story, which I wanted to capture in words and music.

"The whole point of me making a song is that I want to put an experience into words and music. I am lucky because songs come to me very quickly – I have never had any trouble putting something together, as long as I know what mood I want to capture and what the story is about. Yes, a lot of my stories are about women... but then you can’t live without women!”

Mayall - who earned the moniker of the godfather of the British blues - said of the revolving door of musicians that have passed through his various bands and incarnations: "I was never worried about chopping and changing my line-ups. As a band leader I had total freedom to reflect my ideas onto music and whoever was the best instrumentalist to capture that was the answer for me."

Amazingly this gigantic 35 CD set - which comes with an individually signed autograph from 87-year-old Mayall - only covers a fraction of his long, outstanding career.

The last CD in this incredible box set was recorded in the early 70s!