John Malkovich's classmates used to pay him to do their homework.

The actor-and-fashion designer admits his ''macho'' friends were much less interested in the creative side of their college theatre course than he was, so they used to give him money if he did their work, which eventually has helped him forge a successful career in the fashion industry.

He said: ''When I was at the University of Illinois, costumes were part of my theatre course. We learnt to draw, to sew. My classmates were quite macho. Clothes, hairstyles and make-up didn't interest them. They used to pay me to do their homework.

''I started making costumes for the Steppenwolf Theater Company of Chicago. In 2001, an Italian asked me if I wanted to make a menswear line. I started my first brand, then a second, Technobohemian, in 2012. I'm on my 17th collection!''

Despite already creating several clothing lines, John insists his work is not ''fashionable''.

He told French newspaper Paris Match: ''I have a style that's not really fashionable! I don't like trends. My collections have a very masculine side to them, with fluid materials, and a romantic, bohemian, traveller side to them.

''Hence, the name of my company, Technobohemian, which I took from an Italian novel.''