John Malkovich draws his fashion collections in between movie takes.

The actor-and-fashion designer believes film sets are the ideal place to find inspiration for his designs, so he always makes sure he packs a selection of coloured crayons and some paper for when he is shooting a new project in order to scribble down some new ideas.

Speaking to the Paris Match newspaper, he said: ''An actor is always waiting around for the next film, the next take ... You can sometimes wait for hours between two scenes.

''So I come along with my crayons and draw my collections on set. I also spend a crazy amount of time on planes, and since I never sleep ... I take a box of coloured crayons and an A4 pad everywhere. That's all I need to work.''

The 59-year-old star has his own fashion label named Mrs. Mudd and is already on his 17th collection, but is adamant he's not interested in cracking the fashion industry on a global scale and much prefers to keep it low-key.

He explained: ''I don't make a lot of clothes, it would be too much work. My aim isn't to be distributed everywhere. For the first collection three years ago, instead of making adverts, I sent clothes to people I like or who interest me. Javier Bardem, Andreï Makine, Francis Ford Coppola, and Spanish composer Alberto Iglesias. And also to some non-famous friends. That's still how I operate.''