Punk icon John Lydon is disappointed and shocked following the cancellation of his touring Jesus Christ Superstar musical.

The former Sex Pistols star was in rehearsals as King Herod when he learned the show had been cancelled last week (ends30May14).

Reports suggest poor ticket sales were to blame, but a representative for Lydon admits he and castmates Michelle Williams, rocker Brandon Boyd and ex-'N Sync star J.C. Chasez are still baffled by the news.

In a tweet on Lydon's official Twitter.com page, the rep writes, "Sorry for the delay updating people. We are in as much shock over the cancellation of Jesus Christ Superstar as everyone else.

"Rehearsals had been going extremely well. John was looking forward to being King Herod & working with such a great bunch of people.

"We are all bitterly disappointed. We hope people were not too inconvenienced. We know flights and hotels were booked... We feel for everyone from the fans to the cast and crew who were a joy to work with. If we knew more we would tell you."

The musical was just two weeks from opening night when producers cancelled the tour.