A new John Lennon biography will explore the final year of his life.

Drawing on new interviews, music historian Kenneth Womack's book 'John Lennon 1980: The Last Days In The Life' is set to delve into the ''powerful, life affirming story'' of the Beatles legend's comeback after five years of self-imposed retirement.

Womack said: ''Writing 'John Lennon 1980' is the result of my effort to tell the story of John's final year as a recording artist in the context of his life and not, pointedly, in terms of how he died.

''The former Beatle's last episode of greatness is an inspirational story unto itself -- and I am proud to give it the treatment and fullness it deserves.''

The book will be released on October 8, and looks at the inspirational and memorable highlights at the time, including his 'Double Fantasy' album with Yoko Ono and his 40th birthday.

In a press release, publisher Omnibus Press notes: ''It is the story of how he lived rather than how he died.''

The announcement comes shortly after Lennon's killer Mark David Chapman - who shot the musician outside his Manhattan apartment in December 1980 - has been denied parole for the 11th time and is now set to spend at least another two years behind bars for the murder.

Chapman was originally sentenced to a prison term of 20 years to life.

He is currently serving his sentence at Wende Correctional Facility in New York, and the New York State Board of Parole has confirmed that his latest parole application was denied following an interview on August 19.

Chapman was first eligible for parole in 2000, but his applications have been persistently rejected and he's next scheduled to appear before the board in 2022.

Chapman previously confessed to feeling ''more and more'' shame every year about killing the music icon.