John Lennon gave NOWHERE BOY director Sam Taylor-Wood a pep talk from beyond the grave when she started struggling with the story of the late beatle's life.
The new mum admits she broke down on the set one day after she realised just what she was doing - making a movie about an icon.
And it took Lennon to send her a special message to get her back on track.
She tells WENN, "I thought, 'I'm in too deep and if I mess this up I'm just never gonna make a film again,' and I went into a panic. I got into the car and said, 'I just have to call these producers and pull out.'
"I got into the car and I put the key into the ignition and Lennon's voice came straight out of the radio and it was Starting Over. It was one of those moments where I thought it was a sign: 'OK I'm gonna do it.'"