The document records the 29 occasions between September 9, 1955 and July 11, 1956 when Lennon, then 15 years old, received detention at Quarry Bank High School in Liverpool, England.

Detailed on the detention sheet, which was rescued from a bonfire at the school in the late 1970s, are the reasons behind the Imagine hitmaker getting into trouble, including a lack of homework, "silly conduct", "nuisance in class" and "impertinence".

The page will go on sale alongside a letter from Lennon's childhood friend Pete Shotton at a Sotheby's London auction on 25 September (15) after going on public exhibition at the auction house from 24-28 September (15).

It is expected to fetch between $3,200 (£2,000) and $4,800 (£3,000).