John Legend hopes to put out his new album ''reasonably soon''.

The 'All of Me' hitmaker has admitted the coronavirus pandemic has made him question whether it's right to release new music because people may ''receive it differently'' during the health crisis, but he insisted he's still planning to drop his follow-up to 2016's 'Darkness and Light' and his 2018 festive LP 'A Legendary Christmas' as soon as possible.

John recently released the single 'Bigger Love', which is co-written by Ryan Tedder, and followed the tracks 'Actions', 'Last Time I Say Sorry' and 'Conversations in the Dark' -- the latter of which featured David Guetta.

And in a new interview with GQ Hype - of which he is the cover star - the 'Ordinary People' singer opened up about how the music industry is being affected by Covid-19 and how he doesn't see live shows returning anytime soon.

He told the publication: ''On the career side, it's been crazy, because we have all this new music that we were preparing to put out and you just never know how all of it affects how people are going to receive it.

''Will they receive it differently? And then, of course, we've had to cancel all kinds of performances.

''We just don't know what's going to happen.

''I do know that I have a lot of music that I want people to hear and we're finishing the album up and we still want to put it out reasonably soon.

''But when it comes to doing all of the things you would do to support an album in the presence of other people, that might not happen for a while.''

John hopes 'Bigger Love' provides fans with a ''musical hug'' during lockdown and gets them dancing.

He added: ''Of course, we wrote it and recorded it prior to all of this happening, so we didn't even know that this was the time we would be releasing something like it.

''People always need kind of a musical hug anyway, but I feel like they need it even more now.

''And so it will hopefully help some people, just give them a little lift in their day, maybe a little dance break.''

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