John Legend was determined to release 'Bigger Love' this year.

The 41-year-old singer was always adamant he wouldn't delay the release of his latest album - despite the uncertainty caused by the coronavirus pandemic.

He shared: "'Bigger Love' was such a labour of love for me.

"I couldn't imagine waiting until the pandemic was over to put it out because we don't even know when it's going to be over, we don't know when we can all get back together and physically enjoy the music together. So, I just wanted to give it to the people when it was ready."

John released his latest album back in June, and he thinks music can help to lift spirits amid the current crisis.

He told Billboard: "Times are tough, people are stressed and uncertain and worried, and I feel like music can help us get through moments like this, so I wanted people to have it."

Meanwhile, John previously revealed he put the finishing touches to the album during the coronavirus lockdown earlier this year.

The award-winning star also admitted he'd been working on the record since 2019.

Speaking about the creative process, he shared: "I always want to put the music out when it’s ready.

"So for me, we had been working on the album since early 2019 - some of the songs are older than that. But we had been working on it in earnest in full since early 2019, and by early 2020 I felt like I had a body of work that I was really proud of. I knew which songs I wanted to be on the album and I just had to finish them.

"When I say finish them, I mean do the string arrangements, the horn arrangements - all the things that, the special seasoning that you want to put on something before you put it out. And so we had to do most of the seasoning while we were in quarantine."