John Legend has ''adjusted pretty well'' to life in lockdown.

The 'All of Me' hitmaker is currently spending time at home with his wife Chrissy Teigen and their two children - Luna, four, and Miles, 23 months - amid the coronavirus pandemic, and feels ''fortunate'' to be in a position where they have the ''resources'' to deal with the changes to their routine in a ''pretty painless way''.

He said: ''I feel like we've adjusted pretty well. We're fortunate, of course. We have the resources to deal with everything we need to deal with in a pretty painless way. We have our family unit and we love our kids and love hanging out with them. And they especially love being home with us 24/7. We're making the best of a wild situation.''

John has been using his time at home to spend more time with his brood, and says he has a ''dance party almost every day'' with the two tots.

Speaking about how the music industry has been impacted by the pandemic, the 41-year-old musician said: ''I heard from our record label early on that in the first couple of weeks consumption was down a little bit on streaming sites, but I don't know if that has been the case throughout.

''You can imagine there being changes in the way people listen to music when you change your lifestyle, the things you're doing. You're driving less; you're working out at the gym less. There are times when people listen to music that are not happening, so who knows?

''My kids and I have a dance party almost every day, so we listen to music a lot at home, but maybe some families don't have that kind of time for music baked in at home, whereas they would be listening to music at other times, like when they drive their kids to school.''

John is set to release his album 'Bigger Love' in the near future, and isn't sure if people will receive it ''differently'' as a result of the global health crisis.

In an interview with GQ Hype magazine, he said: ''It's been crazy. We have all this new music that we were preparing to put out and you just never know how all of it affects how people are going to receive it.

''Will they receive it differently? And then, of course, we've had to cancel all kinds of performances. We just don't know what's going to happen. I do know that I have a lot of music that I want people to hear and we're finishing the album up and we still want to put it out reasonably soon. But when it comes to doing all of the things you would do to support an album in the presence of other people, that might not happen for a while.''