Pixar boss John Lasseter says he will ''never settle'' until a movie is great.

The chief animator and creative director at Disney and Pixar has been credited for making their latest offering 'Inside Out' a multi-million dollar success and says that the future of the blockbuster-factory is long.

He said: ''As a leader, I will never settle. We will just keep pushing until it is great because there are no excuses.

''You are not going to be able to travel around the world and give caveats as to why it is a success because it is not working. You have every chance to make it right so we are going to do that.''

But the creator of 'Toy Story' and 'Cars' doesn't think their success is a flash in the pan or just a part of the golden age of animation.

He told The Times newspaper: ''I never liked that term because it means there is an end to it. We want Pixar and Disney animation to keep its success going beyond the founders.

''And it has never happened in entertainment history, any band or anything, but we believed we can do this because it is about the people but it is also about our culture and the way we work.''