Hollywood actor John Hurt has been named chancellor of a university in his adopted hometown.

The Alien star has been appointed Chancellor of the Norwich University of the Arts (Nua), a college in Norfolk, England which has recently been elevated to university status.

The actor took up his post during a ceremony at Norwich City Hall on Thursday (31Jan13), and insisted he wants to be more than just a figurehead for the institution: "I'm prepared to go much further than that. It's (the university's) future has to be under constant debate and I would like to fan the flames of that debate and be a part of that debate and even be central to it if that's necessary."

Hurt moved to Norfolk four years ago and has even made a promotional video for the region, which is due to air on local Tv stations. He says of his adopted home, "I love the county. I find it full of surprises yet it's modest."