The Broadway adaptation of John Grisham's crime thriller A Time To Kill is closing less than a month after it officially opened.

The author's popular book about a young white lawyer defending an African-American man accused of murder inspired a Hollywood movie starring Matthew MCConaughey in 1996, and it was turned into a play for the Great White Way this year (13), featuring Tom Skerritt and Ashley Williams.

The show has been struggling with poor ticket sales since its official opening on 20 October (13), and was the lowest grossing play on Broadway last week (begs28Oct13).

The production opened to mixed reviews and failed to garner audiences that shows like Betrayal with married couple Rachel Weisz and Daniel Craig and The Glass Menagerie with Zachary Quinto have found over the past few weeks.

A Time to Kill, which is the first of Grisham's legal-themed novels to be adapted for the stage, is slated to close on 17 November (13).